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New Prescription for Childhood Obesity

About one in three American children is either overweight or obese. Childhood obesity is a crisis robbing youth of health and energy, and even causing children to die prematurely. Obesity among children, which is likely to carry over to adulthood, is also linked to a greater risk of high cholesterol, diabetes, early heart disease, and high blood pressure. New Prescription for Childhood Obesity provides an innovative approach to fighting childhood obesity by using nature?s powerful super-antioxidants and phytonutrients. The traditional method for weight loss and fat reduction has been to eat less and exercise more, but this does not work for children over the long haul. To permanently lose pounds and toxic inflammatory belly fat requires addressing the root cause of the problem: oxidative stress, insulin resistance and the low-grade chronic inflammation triggered by many factors, including unhealthy foods and environmental causes such as exposure to pesticides, industrial pollutants, and toxins.


The solution to long-term health and permanent weight loss and reduction of toxic body fat is simple---tailor food intake to level of physical activity meal-by-meal. Learn how to melt body fat and prevent pre-mature aging and loss of energy.


"Finally a book that tells the truth about losing weight and getting healthy. Deep down haven't we always known that most diets don't work because no one diet can work for everybody? Metabolism and lifestyle are as unique as fingerprints. When you understand why you gain weight, it's easier to lose it! I read this book from cover to cover and now I keep it handy in my kitchen for inspiration. The meal plans and recipes are easy to follow. There is even a list of healthy fast food choices. Knowledge is power and this book is empowering!" - Dr. Donna Montalbano

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